Hr & Payroll Services

  • Payroll Management
  • Manpower Outsourcing/Third Party Payroll
  • Employee Reimbursements

Payroll Management

Cerepro is efficient payroll service provider offering innovative payroll solutions to employers of all sizes – small, medium or large enterprises. CerePro provides you with the platforms and services to suit your needs. This coupled with a highly motivated team of payroll processors who believe in delivering on time and first time right, ensures that your core HR team can focus on core HR issues and leave the payroll worries to our team.


Services offers under Payroll processing are as under:

  • A complete payroll solution with real-time reporting
  • Compliances solution at a local level, if needed
  • Single Contract, Single Point Of Contact and a Single Solution
  • Management of overall programme plan including third party Payroll Providers
  • Secure internet based technology
  • High levels of service, support and training
  • Absolute solution that covers almost every aspect of HR needs right from recruitment to exit modalities.

Every business faces regular payroll issues like:

  • Outdated, incorrect, or ambiguous information
  • Information copied and stored in multiple locations, versions and media
  • Regulatory, policy and tax violations
  • Irretrievable information except the excessive cost
  • Payroll errors leads to dissatisfied employees and so on

To solve these issues Cerepro is here to provide proactive solutions:

  • Compliance– of local tax and related regulations
  • Control– of payroll costs and processes
  • Consolidation – of managing local and multi-country payroll
  • Consistency– with single source of data across the entire client’s location
  • Visibility– of data and results in one platform

We at Cerepro embark on all sort of assignments — short-term assignments, long-term contracts, permanent placement or workforce management — we provide you with better access to talent, a better approach to matching the right individual to the job, with better business results faster.


Services offered are:

  • Providing contractual manpower to meet the ever growing demand of the corporate for flexibility of work force, faster mobilization & demobilization of people.
  • Working as third party intermediary to handle functions including payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, statutory compliance requirements from the very first day of the contract.

Cerepro provides customized solutions for expenses incurred by employees during the course of performing a specific assignment or task. We streamline our process with organization’s pre-defined reimbursement policies and generate reports with zero error rates to ensure expenditures are incurred according to the budgets assigned. This procedure reduces the workload of both organization and employees in a hassle-free manner, thereby driving healthy organization structure.


Key aspects of services offered are:

  • Configurable Travel Policy
  • Define your own organization-wide Travel policy including deviation approval rules.

  • Online Travel Requisition and Approval
  • Intimation of travel plans to the travel desk with travel confirmation saves valuable executive time, which would otherwise be spent in making travel arrangements.

  • Online Expense Reporting
  • Flexible forms for reporting travel, conveyance and other business expenses with linkages to travel requisitions help control travel costs.

    • Automatic Routing
    • Employee expense claims are automatically routed for approval to managers and for payment to accounts. Hence, reducing employee dissatisfaction caused due to delayed claim settlement issues.